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Electrocoating (Ecoat)

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What exactly is electrocoating (ecoat) technology?

Ecoat is an immersion painting process which involves the use of an electrical current to deposit a water based paint emulsion on to a metal part. Ecoat can be deposited to act as a primer to provide corrosion resistance, serve as a durable base for powder coating topcoats, or serve as the topcoat itself.

What are the advantages of ecoat?

  • Coating thickness uniformity and exact film control
  • High production rates and high transfer efficiency
  • Primer/one coat/two coat options
  • Zero to low environmental pollution control.

Why is electrocoating considered green, eco-friendly or environmentally safe?

Ecoat paints are water borne types with little cosolvent, so volatile organic compound (VOC) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) emissions are nil to low.

How does MPG's ecoat system compare?

MPG’s ecoat system features the newest electrodeposition coating equipment and the latest analyte systems and controls.

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