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Why is pretreatment needed for coating surfaces?

For proper bonding of paints to any surface, the base of the material must be clean – and completely free of contamination such as grease, dust, oils, rust and other impurities before being powder coated and electrocoated (ecoated).

Once the rust, oil, and scale are removed, the clean bare metal is again exposed for oxidation (rust). To avoid this, the material has to be coated with some type of conversion coating during the pretreatment process to prevent further oxidation before applying paint and also gives adhesion for paint.

What is the goal of the pretreatment process?

The goal of the pretreatment process (i.e., cleaning process) is to ensure no contaminants remain between the surface and the paint because any residual foreign matter can reduce bonding integrity and will detract from paint appearance. To that end, an extremely effective pretreatment system is very critical for ensuring the overall success of the powder coating and ecoating operations.

Which type of conversion coating does the MPG pretreatment utilize?

The MPG pretreatment system features an environmentally responsible, phosphate free zirconium-based conversion coating technology. A zirconium-based pretreatment is more advantageous than the traditional zinc and iron phosphate pretreatments because it...

  • Protects Waterways: Phosphorus is becoming increasingly regulated, especially in areas near bodies of fresh water such as the Great Lakes region, and other areas where municipalities are trying to reduce phosphates in the water they discharge back into the environment. Zirconium conversion pretreatments eliminates phosphorous from the waste stream.

  • Promotes Energy Efficiency: Zirconium conversion pretreatments require no process heating and run at ambient temperatures, unlike their phosphate based counter parts. Elimination of process heating saves energy and protects resources!

  • Creates Non-Hazardous Byproducts: Zinc and iron phosphates create hazardous sludge due to the accumulation of heavy metals. Zirconium conversion pretreatments are virtually sludge free and non-hazardous.

How does the MPG pretreatment method compare?

Recognizing the importance of this very critical step of the powder coating and ecoating process, MPG has gone the extra mile in the design and development of our proprietary 8-stage pretreatment system. The MPG pretreatment process employs the latest pretreatment technology and custom chemistry to ensure maximum coating adhesion for your parts.

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