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Zinc Electroplating

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What is the process of zinc electroplating?

Zinc electroplating is a method of depositing zinc metal on the surface of another metal, such as steel, by immersing the item in an appropriate plating bath and applying electrical current.

What is the science behind zinc electroplating?

Zinc travels through the electrolytic bath from the zinc anodes and attaches to the surface of the part being coated. The thickness of zinc plating depends on the time spent in the plating bath, the amount of current, and the chemical composition of the bath.

What are the advantages of zinc electroplating?

Zinc electroplating provides corrosion resistance to the steel part by acting as a barrier and sacrificial coating. Zinc is more electrochemically reactive than steel, so when exposed to a corrosive environment, the zinc plating corrodes sacrificially, delaying rust formation on the steel part even after portions of bare steel are exposed.

How does the MPG electroplating method compare?

Zinc plating applications are conveniently provided to MPG customers through our on-site affiliate Medina Plating Corporation - producing the highest quality of rack zinc, zinc iron and zinc nickel alloy plating. With over 50 years of experience, MPC supports the automotive, industrial, and consumer industries as a leader of plating in the Midwest.

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